Geriatric Services, P.C.

Health Services for Adults and Seniors

Geriatric Services, P.C. is the universal answer to the question: How do I get the best in Geriatric and Adult care for my family?

The Geriatric Services, P.C.'s healthcare program is a leader in meeting the complex and varied health needs of adults and seniors. Our mission is to keep older adults healthy, active and independent for as long as possible. When your well being, or that of an elderly parent, is at stake, you need professional healthcare services such as those provided by our team of dedicated professionals.

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Logistical Services for Healthcare Professionals

In addition to our Adult and Senior healthcare practice, Geriatric Services, P.C. is also a third-party provider of professional healthcare services to long-term and rehabilitative care facilities.

Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are required by Federal and State regulations to maintain a medical director and provide for consistent in-house medical care for their residents. These services may be provided directly by the facility’s employed staff of physicians, by community-based physicians or may be contracted out to a third party like Geriatric Services, P.C.

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